Things are not getting any better for Michael Todd!

On top of missing a gig and now .. apparently .. out of a job with Coheed and Cambria; Micahel's not feeling any love from the judge in his case either!

At a bail hearing Monday, Attleboro District Court Judge Daniel O'Shea increased bail from $10,000 cash to $25,000 cash or $250,000 surety, citing Todd's out-of-state address and criminal record, including a previous drug conviction and arrest for reckless driving.

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Sounds like he's got some issues.  I hope they sentence him to treatment as oppposed to prison!  What do you think?  He doesn't seem like a bad guy to me neccesarily; just seems a little 'troubled'.  (As easy as the courts have been on other high profile druggies .. Lyndsey, talking about you ..  even treatment seems harsh!)

To see the official statement on this matter released by Coheed And Cambria, visit their facebook page!