Being featured on television can be an awesome thing but there are times a city gets featured on television & you're left wondering "what the heck?". That was the case in 2008 where Clovis, New Mexico was featured on America's Most Wanted.

The theme song brings back memories doesn't it? Well Clovis certainly has some America's Most Wanted memories, ones that extend over a decade long.

Why was Clovis featured on America's Most Wanted?

Usually the show covers high profile cases such as kidnappings or murders. The case that was covered on the show was that of the 2008 Clovis, New Mexico jail break. On August 24th, 8 violent inmates took 7 hours to break out of jail...and did.

Eventually some of the inmates WERE caught; about 4 were sent back within a few days.

I say some but there were still on the loose; that's why the city approached the creators of America's Most Wanted. And they did on September 20th, 2008.

Eventually the rest of the inmates WOULD be captured; one was captured in Amarillo on October 7th. It took 6 years but the final inmate, Edward Salas, would be captured in October of 2014.

This wasn't the only time Clovis was featured on America's Most Wanted

3 months before the story on the Clovis jail break, another Clovis story ran on the show; the story of convicted killer Noe Torres. He would be caught & arrested in January 25, 2012 & sentenced to life in prison in 2015.

While both cases are shocking & tragic, the important thing is that these cases were solved. And it's probably because of dedicated watchers of the shows that helped authorities solve these cases.

That's not the only story we've done on Clovis; you can read about the historic rock & roll museum in Clovis, New Mexico here.

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