Anyone who has met me instantly knows about my love of horror. But even with my love of scary things I still love Christmas time. Christmas is my second favorite holiday, after Halloween of course, and sometimes people are shocked when they find out. But, Christmas itself has its own scary stories.

Take for instance Krampus, and Santa is a pretty scary dude himself. A guy who "sees you when you're sleeping" and who "knows if you've been bad or good" and when you're not good you get punished, or coal in your stocking. There's just something creepy about Christmas time. It gets darker earlier, and there's an eerie silence that envelopes the environment when it's cold out. And for some, the holidays bring out the worst in people. But what is it exactly about the holidays that makes people crabby? Is it the non stop Christmas music? The exhausting task of hunting down the perfect gift for someone? Maybe it's all the lights and decorations? Or maybe it's something far more sinister that turns many of us into Scrooges. This short film may have the answer as to why sometimes during the holidays all you want to say is "Bah Humbug." Enjoy!


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