After a few drinks while enjoying the big game on Sunday, you and your friends might be looking for something to do. Now you don't want to drink and drive because Helen Mirren will find you and possibly hurt you. So here is a game you can stay at home and play.

'Cheese Sandwich' is the drunk man's version of Marco Polo. You know Marco Polo is the game where one person has their eyes shut and must find the rest of the players by calling out "Marco", and the players respond "Polo." Then the person calling out "Marco" must try to identify where people are just by their voice. That's the only thing Cheese Sandwich has in common with the traditional children's game.

To play the drunk version, grab yourself a friend and two pairs of boxing gloves. Next, grab a beer box and place it over your head. Then decide who is going first to shout cheese and who will shout sandwich. The person who shouts cheese then gets to attempt to punch the person who answers sandwich. I am guessing you can go back and forth in switching attempted punches or just wait till someone gets hit. I am guessing they don't have concrete rules and probably don't follow them because the players are drunk.

Remember to drink responsibly and cheese sandwich responsibly.

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