The El Paso Zoo has so many attractions and exhibits, it's hard for most to pinpoint their favorite. For me, it was easy.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved wolves. It started I guess with their dog-like appearance but, as I got older and learned more about them, I loved 'em even more.  There are not many wild around El Paso but, there is one species native to the area ... the Mexican Gray Wolf.

They were practically hunted to extinction but, a collaborative effort between the United States of America and Mexico to capture all the remaining ones and take them to breeding areas seems to be working. There are still very few of them left though with only 143 in the wild and another 240 in captivity as of 2017. The wild wolves were released into special areas of Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas. Being the most endangered wolf of them all, they are extremely rare and the chances of you seeing one are pretty slim.

Unless you go to the El Paso Zoo!

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