Basketball fans, ever paid any attention to the court itself?  You will with this one!

Basketball can get pretty exciting, especially the last few seconds of a close game.  Whether you're a die hard hoops fan, just tagging along with friends or trying to win brownie points with your honey by indulging them; you still need something to do during breaks right?

Sure, the cheerleaders are hot (see for yourself!) but, what if you're up in the nose bleed seats and can't really see them?  Cleveland Cavalier fans can now entertain themselves watching the court itself!  (The way The Cavs have been playing lately, they HAD to find a new way to entertain the fans!)

Check out their new court, this thing rocks!  How cool would it be if they turned this thing on while the game was in play?  Since only they would get to regularly practice on it, maybe then they would win more!