I think it's safe to say the majority of El Pasoans love hot cheetos. Tequila is also a favorite in the Sun City, so why not mix the two?

Mathew Ramsey, the guy behind the famous blog PornBurger, shared with BuzzFeed his way of actually mix these two delicious items into one unique shot. It's so easy you will be making this at ever future party to impress your friends and family.

First, you need to grab a container you can seal and keep in the glorious flavor. Then fill that container with hot cheetos. Grab a bottle of your favorite tequila and pour it all over those cheetos. Once the container is filled, let the chips soak for at least 3 hours. Once time is up, go ahead and strain the contents in the container.

For a little more of a wow factor, you can grind up some hot cheetos then roll limes in the cheeto dust. For once you won't have to deal with nasty cheeto fingers and just enjoy the flavors in a great alcoholic way.