People are going to be like energizer the bunny on National Coffee Day! There will be a few places participating in International Coffee Day.

We all know that particular person who drives all around El Paso to grab as many free coffees as they can get. Hopefully, whoever is like that will pay it forward and deliver a coffee to a loved one. Or maybe someone from the office take one for the team and make a road trip out of getting coffee for the staff! But either way, International Coffee Day is Saturday, September 29th this year. I have put together a list of places that have the good deals in El Paso down below. Not a lot of places have free coffee but will hook you up with a great deal like getting two coffees for the price of one.

If you happen to notice someone that seems wired next Saturday, blame it on the coffee!

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    Dunkin Donuts

    If you purchase a medium or larger sized coffee, you will receive a medium sized coffee for free. Dunkin Donuts is hoping for you to share the love of coffee next Saturday. So pay it forward to someone you know loves Dunkin Donuts coffee!

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    If you're in the mood for Cinnabon on September 29th, you will receive a free 12 oz. cup of coffee. Now a cup of coffee sounds like it would go good with a Cinnabon!

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    Pilot Flying J Truck Stop

    Seems like Pilot Flying J is stepping up their game on International Coffee Day! Next Friday you can pick your choice out of their three options for the free coffee on National Coffee Day. You can have your choice of a small coffee, small hot tea, or a cappuccino.

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    Krispy Kreme

    Krispy Kreme is going above and beyond on National Coffee Day. Most joints are sticking to a size small but Krispy Kreme isn't! They're going to be serving you any size of hot or iced coffee on the house. If you're a Krispy Kreme rewards member you get an extra perk! Not only will you get any size of coffee for free but a doughnut to go with it! No purchase is necessary.