Meet Carrina, a 22-year-old SuicideGirl from California who not only says she’s a cupcake connoisseur, but also a WWII history buff.


Name: Carrina

Age: 22

Location: California

Occupation: Outlaw, cupcake connoisseur

Into: WWII history, airplanes, riding dirtbikes, house destruction parties, furry creatures, Irish whiskey, my man

Not into: Aimless people, salmon

Makes me happy: Dissent, profanity, punk rock and patriotism, Marine Corps boys

Makes me sad: Boys who can’t fix things, copycats, disloyalty, traitors, thieves, gutless cowards in general

Hobbies: Studying all things science related, writing, literature

Five things I can’t live without: Family, the capacity to learn, air, typewriter, freedom

Favorite bands:

  1. OPIV
  2. Elvis Presley
  3. Rancid
  4. Bad Brains
  5. Streetlight Manifesto
  6. Misfits
  7. Minor Threat
  8. Tom Waits
  9. Social Distortion
  10. GBH

Favorite films:

  1. ‘Natural Born Killers’
  2. ‘The Shining’
  3. ‘Star Wars Episode Six’
  4. ‘Dead Alive’
  5. ‘Lost Boys’
  6. ‘True Romance’
  7. ‘There Will Be Blood’
  8. ‘Garden State’
  9. ‘Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls’
  10. ‘Fight Club’

Favorite authors:

  1. Hunter S Thompson
  2. Charles Bukowski
  3. Jack Kerouac
  4. Ernest Hemingway
  5. JD Salinger
  6. Sylvia Plath
  7. Chuck Palahniuk
  8. Hell
  9. Allen Ginsberg
  10. David Sedaris

Favorite TV shows:

  1. ‘Weeds’
  2. ‘United States of Tara’
  3. ‘Dexter’

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