If you can, you are a bigger movie fan than I am. And I am a BIG movie fan.

Watch this 2 minute video (actually 1:55) and look for movie references. Some of them are only in there for a second or so, so you have to keep your eyes peeled. See how you do after just one viewing and then I'll tell you how I did after only watching it once.

What was your number? Did you get close to 52?

17. I got 17 references that I'm pretty confident about. Some of those 17 I'm only pretty confident about. Like at the very beginning...are those 2 Dalmatians a reference to 101 Dalmatians? If so, where are the other 99? OH! Or maybe that's just Pongo and Mrs. Pongo! Alright, I've just convinced myself that I DID get that one right.
But how about the couple getting cozy in the parking garage as Reservoir Dogs walks by? It looks like Sandy and Danny from "Grease", but is it?

Now, watch it again and see if you catch anymore. OOOH,OOOH! I just got "Million Dollar Baby"! YASSSSS!

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