A San Diego-based call center is moving here and bringing jobs with it!

California recently voted to raise it's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022 so, Competitive Edge and Research is looking for a new home. CEO John Nienstedt told KVIA.com:

"The sort of work that we do does not work well with the regulations that California and San Diego wants to impose." "Texas is going to be much more hospitable for us."Competitive Edge employees now make $11 an hour and employees who choose to follow the company to El Paso will continue to earn that wage.


That may not be what new employees are paid though according to Nienstedt.

"It's undetermined as to what our pay scale will be when we get to El Paso, and open up shop there." "I guarantee you all the jobs will be competitively priced and compensated.We're really looking forward to establishing ourselves there."

They open up February 1st at 6440 Escondido.

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