I’ve received about half a dozen requests for the “Florida Man” song in the past week alone. This is the theme we use when we play The Florida Man game during our True Crime reports. The song is pretty obscure but I managed to track it down on YouTube. It’s by an actor and musician named Ross Childs and it would be an understatement to say that his song is a fan favorite among our listeners.

(CAUTION: This version is NSFW! The version we play has a few bad words bleeped out. This YouTube version is 100% bleepless. Also, it has some partial nudity so use your own judgement before viewing.)

So, interesting story that just happened…as I was posting this link to the video on YouTube I read some of the comments. I noticed one from someone saying they had heard the song on the Buzz Adams Morning Show. Ross responded and seemed very excited to find he was getting airplay. He also said that he would reach out to.

This was a year ago! I don’t remember ever getting that e-mail but between filters, volume of e-mails I receive AND human error on my part, I’m not all that surprised. I sent him a message (a year late) and hopefully we’ll be able to have him on the show soon. I noticed in his comment section he mentioned his Spotify page which you can find by clicking here.

The first verse goes:

“Who runs naked through a dairy farm?
Florida Man! Florida Man!
Who never fears any bodily harm?
Florida Man! Florida Man!
Who’s made love to a dozen trees?
Throws tennis balls that are full of bees?
Who tries to bite every cop he sees?
Florida Man! Florida Man! “

A few choruses later…

“Who snorts crank and then screams in the street?
Who’s favorite food is human meat?
Who game Marco Rubio a senate seat?
Florida Man! Florida Man!”

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