Somebody brought the new Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer to me recently and I really like it! Michelob Ultra is, in my mind, the original low-carb/lower cal beer. So it only makes sense that they would have a leg up on making a superior hard seltzer.

Here’s what they did: they made a great-tasting seltzer that has 0 carbs and a minuscule 80 calories per can. I was doing a popular low-carb diet back in 2002 when Mich Ult came out so I immediately switched to it. Well, the Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer works even better with some of the biggest diet trends like paleo and keto.

Oh, I’m not ON a diet now. But if I ever do start one there are just so many diets that MUOS will fit in great with. In the meantime, I’m just drinking them for the taste. AND the variety.

If I haven’t mentioned, you should get the variety pack that comes in a crisp Cucumber Lime, a tasty Peach/Pear and (my favorite right now) a damn fine-tasting Pineapple.

So, no surprise that I like Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer, which is available now at a store near you. I already liked Michelob AND I already liked seltzer. That’s why I think I might have been the actual inventor of hard seltzer.

See, I always had a lot of La Croix or Perrier in the fridge. I invented a drink called “The Buzztini” over a decade ago. Here’s how I made a Buzztini: 2 parts Seltzer, ONE part alcohol.

Usually, I would also spike it with a little extra somethin’ (usually gin but occasionally vodka. Or if it was my birthday or Cinqo de Mayo, maybe a little kick of a good tequila).

I think the seltzer world owes me…something. A share of the profits of all hard seltzers sold would be great. But, I might settle for a case of these Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzers. (Call me. We can negotiate).