A burglar broke into a Central home and took something that is more valuable than materialistic things. The burglar accidentally took his own life after breaking into the home a couple days ago. Most burglars usually use some kind of tool to break in to avoid hurting themselves. As for this dude, it seems like he used his own body to break into the house. The investigators determined the burglar had died from lacerations on his arms and was unable to stop the bleeding. It is crazy how you hear stories about the bad guys suing the people they tried stealing from. Like one innocent man in the UK was arrested for stabbing a burglar to death that broke into his home. I don't understand how someone who is using self-defense can get into trouble. There are a lot of cases in the United States that involve burglars dying from their lacerations after breaking in. The only kind of burglar known to man that is good would be the Hamburglar. Should burglars be responsible for their actions instead of blaming the homeowner they rob? Give us your opinion down below in the poll!

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