This insane video from a rodeo raises many, many questions. Such as: how does something this dangerous still happen in as litigious a country as the USA? Is it even IN the U.S.? Is that first guy that go hit still alive?

One of our most memorable Fernie Cuevas moments was when he participated in a game called Rodeo Poker, in which contestants have to sit at a card table while they let an enraged thousand pound bull loose (and, let's face it, they probably shocked the bull's genitals with an electric jolt just before they let him loose). The last guy to remain seated wins the prize (I think it was $200).

Let's revisit that great moment in Fernie history and then compare it to this latest enraged-bull-related incident.

That brings up ANOTHER question about this more recent video. How much were these guys competing for? Because, our guys all took off within 5 seconds. The guys in this other video were hanging in there with the bull coming right at them with murder in his bulls-eyes. What kind of money would inspire that kind of suicidal machismo? If they did it for a penny under 20K, they are morons.

Specifically, watch the very first guy who gets hit. He sails at least 10 feet into the air.

Also, after the bull has hit a couple of dudes he starts doing that thing bulls do when they stop, start hoofing the ground with one foot and put there head down as if to say, "This is for all my friends that became your hamburgers, ****wad!".

This video is "un-BULL-ievable".

Here's a different angle of it!

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