Hundreds of undocumented migrants suffered injuries and even death by falling off walls built during the Trump administration. Here’s a recent report from San Diego:

The El Paso Times also reports that so far in 2022 alone 229 migrants have been injured after falling from border barriers. Most injuries are broken ankles, legs, and more severe back and spinal injuries.

El Paso Border Patrol spokesperson Valeria Morales says it’s a “major concern” because of how serious the injuries are. Morales says much of the blame lies with the human smugglers who have a ladder to get to the TOP of the barrier but then no way for the migrants to get down on the other side.

President Trump Threatens To Close The Southern Border With Mexico Over Immigration
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According to many people who align with former President Trump that means the border walls are working.  The biggest problem these people see is that Americans have to absorb the cost. The El Paso Times article says that El Paso County Hospital has provided $14 million in medical services since 2018, but the federal government has, so far, only reimbursed $2.7 million.

If you doubt that some people can see a story about desperate, impoverished people along with images of horrific injuries and think “Good, that’s what they deserve!”…here are a few comments from the story by CBS 8 in San Diego:

San Diego, California, United States of America

Great! Working as intended! Illegals are going to risk their life to enter illegally; it's their own damn fault for taking the risk of doing things illegally then.


So the wall needs to be higher. It's too low.

American Snorlax

don't care

Sgt. Miller

In case you think I’m over-generalizing about the political allegiances of these commenters…

Sgt. Miller

I love trump!!!

Customs And Border Patrol Keep Watch At U.S.-Canada Border
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I think it’s possible (though, judging from these comments, not likely) that someone could be in favor of border security, even walls, fences, and barriers, WITHOUT gloating or celebrating crippling injury and death.

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