They're pretty much illegal everywhere ... which is something I thought everybody knew.

A flight from El Paso to Chicago was delayed, luggage unloaded and passengers deplaned on February 17th due to a report that the plane had a bomb on it.

The report turned out to be false but all proper precautions were, of course, taken.

"While an assessment is always conducted following receipt of a threat, there is no known credible threat to the aircraft or passengers at this time. Airport officials and FBI El Paso personnel are conducting render-safe procedures as a precaution," said Jeffrey R. Downey, Special Agent in Charge. - KVIA

All the passengers had to deplane and return to the terminal until the plane was thoroughly checked out by officials.

Pictures taken by passengers of the luggage unloaded and lined up to be checked on the tarmac quickly found their way on to social media platforms.

Photo, KTSM 9 News/YouTube
Photo, KTSM 9 News/YouTube

The report was false but the charges faced by the teenager who made the report are pretty freakin' real.

Federal charges can result in a $5,000 fine and/or 5 years in jail.  State and local charges may also be applied.

There's no going back after ANY type of bomb threat and saying "I was only kidding" or, "I didn't really put a bomb there."

The FBI made that video because, apparently, making bomb threats is a thing these days.

In 2022, thousands of bomb threats were investigated with more than half directed at schools.

The state of Texas has created a bomb threat website that offers advice on handling bomb threats and the US government has one as well.

A bomb threat in any form ... phone call, handwritten note, social media post, text, etc ... is still a threat and initiating one can still carry the full penalty whether it's real or not.

So, don't ... ok?

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