It's not just the name of a really great, song! "Blue Monday" is a weird phenomenon that may make many across Texas feel, well, blue.

The holidays can always be a rough time for people, and even afterwards there's a sense of sadness at nothing really special to look forward to after all the holiday gatherings. Today is one of the worst days of the year for some, and it even has a name- Blue Monday.

Blue Monday is the third Monday of January, also known as the saddest day of the year. Blue Monday was the brainchild of U.K. psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall, according to NBC News. Dr. Arnall same up with idea of "Blue Monday" by looking at seven different variables:

  • weather
  • debt
  • monthly salary
  • time since Christmas
  • time since failed quit attempt
  • low motivational levels
  • need to take action

The month of January is still cold, with many regions in the country dealing with freezing temperatures and snow. At the beginning of the month people are full of New Year's resolutions and ideas of how they're going to make the new year full of positive changes.

However, that starts to shift by the third Monday of January; with many people giving up on their goals and reverting back to their old habits. On top of all these negative things, people are also starting to get those high holiday bills adding extra anxiety to their lives.

There's no scientific reasoning behind Blue Monday, but when you put together all these negative factors, it's easy to see why the idea of Blue Monday is so widely accepted in pop culture.

Plenty of people are feeling extra blue now that the holidays have come and gone. Even Dr Arnall who came up with the idea of Blue Monday told CNN he's shocked at how well received the concept was:

"I had no idea it would gain the popularity that it has. I guess a lot of people recognize it in themselves."

So, if you find yourself feeling the blues on the third Monday of January, blame it on this phenomenon and maybe get yourself a little treat and play the song to make you feel a little better!

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