Are you looking for the perfect getaway in Texas and also happen to be an animal lover? Well, this ranch near Waco is about to become your favorite destination!

We recently learned that at Blue Hills Ranch in McGregor, just 20 minutes from Waco, you can swim with otters! Just look at how cute these otters are!

Daniel gave some really great info on how you too can swim with these cuties, and he also detailed some other great stuff about Blue Hills Ranch.

Like, if you love swimming with otters, well you're going to love hot tubbing with some cows!

Or how about dining with giraffes?!

That's right, you can feel like you're on a safari right here in Texas!

Blue Hills Ranch also offers multiple guest houses on the property, each of which features comfortable accommodations and modern amenities; there's a zebra cabin and a giraffe cabin, where you can get the best views of the ranch and the animals.

This seems like the perfect place for you to unwind and get to hang out with some cool animals. This is basically like an AirBnB but with giraffes and zebras and really cool themed rooms.


And cabins are sure to have some amazing views!

The ranch also offers event spaces for weddings, corporate retreats, and other gatherings.

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Lots of other great animal experiences await you at Blue Hills Ranch, so you'll have tons to choose from; from swimming with otters to dining with giraffes, any animal lover will love this place. You can find out more here.

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