I have been noticing a lot of Bird Box memes lately and saw one that gave me the giggles! I laughed because I could definitely relate and sure you could too. The hilarious and relatable meme showed a dude removing his blindfold to check his team's rank. El Pasoan's would raise a blindfold and be defeated for one or all of these reasons.  I would get myself in deep s**t with Bird Box for a couple of the reasons I've listed below. I would be that person to remove my blindfold to make sure my son's keeping his on and if I heard Chino Moreno's voice. Another meme I had seen reminded me of one of my chick friends. That other funny Bird Box meme that is going viral shows a woman lifting her blindfold because someone is talking to her man. Now what made that meme hella funny was how the chick added her own personal title after sharing. She stated she would have died right then and there if that were to happen with her man.


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    Social Media

    I am sure there would still be some El Pasoan's checking out FitFam's Instagram. I feel like I would be tempted to uncover my eyes for Fitfam's social media. The only way I would be tempted is if someone said they saw me on it. Social media can be like crack for some folks especially the younger generation.

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    Protecting your kids

    Anyone would risk their life for their own little offsprings. I feel I would be removing my blindfold A LOT for my little dude. If you're a parent to an impatient and can't sit still kid like me, you can relate. I know my son would be anxious as hell to remove his blindfold. How Sanda Bullock manage to take care of the kids blindfolded is beyond me.

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    I have seen jealousy issues within my own chick and dude friends. The meme I mentioned above reminded me of one particular friend I have. When another woman would talk to her dude she would quickly run to his side. So I know some of you would raise a blindfold if your partner was having a chit-chat with someone.

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    Checking Team's Status

    A lot of us can't help but have to check on our teams status. Especially when fantasy football plays an important role in some of your lives. Someone I used to know was always checking their team stats religiously. So I wouldn't be surprised if someone was defeated by the killing spirit.