Kids these days are so spoiled, they don't believe Santa would skip their house for any reason. If they only knew he has a sidekick that takes care of the naughty children, they might stop whining about wanting an iPad.

In Austria and other nearby regions, parents tell their children not only about the joy of St. Nick but of the horror of Krampus. The legend of Krampus tells of a demonic companion that walks the streets with Santa and handles all the naughty children. He is described to look like the devil with monstrous horns, hooves and a hideous tongue.

Christmas celebrations in these regions begin on December 6th, St. Nicolas Day but on the eve of this day, Krampusnacht is celebrated. Men and women use Krapmusnacht to scare little children and get wasted. Krampus parades take to the streets to warn any children who have been naughty, to change their ways or Krampus will visit them in the night to swat them with chains and switches and carry them off to his lair in a basket.

Krampus even has his own little claymation carol! Show this one to your out of hand kids to scare them straight! I know if I ever have children, this is going to be part of my Christmas traditions.