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Since the news has been updating us on Covid-19 some of us have been staying in just to be safe. Due to Covid-19 slowly spreading throughout the United States now some are becoming homebodies. If you're one of those homebodies you probably need some entertainment to keep you occupied. Since the Covid-19 came about it reminded me of some flicks that are somewhat related.

Below I made a list of some of the best pandemic movies to see during the Covid-19 scare. A staff writer at The Los Angeles Times believes the makers of Contagion predicted Covid-19's arrival. You should avoid watching movies that depict possible real-life situations (like Contagion) if you have severe anxiety. So if you're planning on having a movie night sometime soon, check out the list below. I put together a list of the best pandemic movies you should see during this time.

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    The Crazies

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    28 Days Later

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