If you're a dog lover, (who thinks the government's about to throw us all in FEMA camps or that the zombie apocalypse is really coming), check this out.

Somehow, I got on a mailing list for a "Survivalist" site and now I get emails on all kinds of weird s***.  Most recently, it was a tngun.com list of the best dogs for "preppers" to have.

Whether you're expecting all hell to break loose or, just looking for a good watch dog, here's (some of) what they wrote:

  • Siberian Huskies - very clever, devoted, good workers, always alert, energetic and they're good with other dogs. (And, they look cool AF!!)
  • Collies - Extremely intelligent, adventurous, fearless, easy to train, loyal and great family dogs with great hunting and guarding instincts.
  • Pointers - Pointers are great for bird hunting. Their excellent eye sight helps them spot predators and intruders and they can be trained to alert you.
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs - Calm, clever and good-natured. Great for protection and herding. They have a lot of energy, are great trackers, easy to train, very loyal and can take tough weather conditions
  • Giant Schnauzers - Perfect breed for guardianship, they're imposing, muscular, brave, very loyal, eager to please, easy to train and are extremely fond of their masters.
  • Doberman Pinschers - Trustworthy, very loyal, incredible guarding abilities, very protective always alert, fearless, intelligent, reliable and playful.

All these guys, and these too, sound perfect for those who live alone. (Or Government meltdown/Zombie defense.  Whichever...)

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