Finally!  An opportunity for me to go to Vegas and actually take part in a major, high stakes sporting event!!  The chance to hear my name out loud followed by "Let's Get Rrrrready To Intooooooooxicaaaaate"!!!!!!!

Cue the Volbeat "Warriors" song.

Garza saunters into the room, waves at the crowd and sinks a ping pong ball one handed while sipping from his Coors Light-ade cup.  Nicely done!!

Hold on; there seems to be a challenge from Garza.  "Wait .. what do you mean, THEY have to drink that??" he screams!  "I want it ....I made it."  A ref approaches .... they speak.  Garza; "They have to make one of mine for me to get a drink"??  "What if they suck"?  "I might never even get a sip"!?!?!  A tussle on the sidelines!  But wait; a realization for Double G!

"I could win 50k"??  Garza returns to his spot, "Never mind.  F*** it, I'll buy my own" he shouts!!

Game on!!!!!!!

Ok, most of that I made up.  (The part about the announcer and it happening in Vegas anyway)

The sport of Beer Pong really has made the big time though!  A tournament really was just held in Vegas and the prize really was 50 grand!!!!!!!

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I love the winners' quote;

"I guess all those hours of drinking beer finally paid off," Hampton said.

Garzas' last quote re Hampton;

"Hours????  Amateur ......."