Am I the only one totally thrilled about this??

The State of Texas has some weird laws regarding alcohol sales. For instance, if you buy it in a bar, you have to drink it in the bar. Another weird one is that just about anything can be delivered in Texas, EXCEPT alcohol. That's about to change!!

Starting September 1st, Texas beer hounds can leave their chosen brewery taproom with up to a case of beer. Microbreweries and businesses with beer and wine retailer's licenses will also ... finally ... have the freedom to deliver their products to consumers.

Let's say you're meeting friends after work but, your day isn't finished until places like DeadBeach or El Paso Brewing are closed. Pretty soon you'll be able to just call 'em up, place your order ... within proper hours of course ... and they'll bring it over for you to enjoy whenever you're finally able to.  Visitors will also be able to take a favorite they find here, or anywhere in Texas, home with them!

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