It's not often that I discover a beer drinking game that I didn't already know. I've played 'em all: Quarters, Thumper...I've even played "Hi, Bob" (for our younger readers, "Hi, Bob" was a game where you watched episodes of the Bob Newhart show. Whenever anyone on the show said "Hi, Bob" everyone playing had to answer with "Hi, Bob". Last one to do so had to take a shot.)

Well, Beer Darts is new ... to me at least. I'm finding references to it going back to at least 2012. Here's a very basic, stripped-down version of the rules:

Two players sit opposite each other at a distance of about 10 feet.

Between each players leg sits an can of beer.

Players take turns trying to throw a metal dart into their opponents can.

If the dart sticks into the can, the opposing player must drink from the can to at least the level of the puncture. In other words, you have to drink until the can isn't linking from the puncture hole anymore.

If the dart hits the can but doesn't stick it's a "pinger". The player whose can got pinged has to take a sip out of his second can or "sidearm".

There are lots of variations and other rules, including what to do if you hit your OPPONENT with the dart. Here are a couple videos that demonstrate some of the more fleshed-out rules of Beer Darts.

First, here's an introduction to Beer Darts with a few extra bells and whistles:

This video has some pretty major variations:

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