Baylor became just the second school from Texas to win the NCAA men's basketball championship. UTEP, or Texas Western, was the first back in 1966. Of course, chances are, if you're reading this, you're from El Paso and you know this story well. Which is why I'm asking the question... "Who cares?"

I understand enjoying the fact that UTEP was the only school from Texas to win a National Championship, but we all knew that record would eventually fall. It was just a matter of time. Thankfully, there is a record that UTEP men's basketball holds, that can never be broken. NEVER. The fact that that 1966 Texas Western team was the first team with an all-black starting five to win the whole thing is kind of a big deal. But everyone in the borderland is so focused on another Texas school winning that this point seems to be getting swept under the rug

Think about it this way. Was there ever going to be a movie made about UTEP being the only team from Texas to win a National Championship? No. That was not a movie that anyone would want to see. There was a movie about the first all-black starting five winning it all though. Glory Road. What Texas Western did back in 1966 can't be topped. It was one of those rare feats in sports that can't be undone by someone else. The next 10 NCAA championships could go to nothing but Texas schools, but that still won't take away from that 1966 Texas Western team.

While Baylor winning the championship might have taken away from UTEP in regards to being the only school from Texas to win a national championship. Don't let it take away from what that '66 Texas Western championship really means.

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