It seems like a taquito showdown has been going down between two Texas cities.

El Paso and Austin are starting a taquito battle after Texas Monthly mentioned Austin's version was "better than the inspiration" which has some questioning that theory.

Texas Monthly opened up a can of worms leaving some El Pasoans defending Chico's Tacos. We know people in El Paso will defend to the end when it comes to Chico's Tacos. Besides, we all saw how locals reacted when Chico's Tacos was closed for the longest time in 2020.

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Then when they reopened people were so stoked to have their fix again after so long.

It seems like Texas Monthly believes El Perrito ATX has the best-rolled tacos. Now, I have never eaten at El Perrito ATX but it sure has me wondering how they could beat our taquitos you can drink, as Gabriel Iglesias likes to say.

So what exactly is El Perrito ATX doing differently that makes them more special than the original inspiration here in El Paso?

Well, whatever it is sure has a lot of us like curious cats. Who knows, this kind of debate may have some El Pasoans making a pit stop at El Perrito next time they visit Austin to be the judge themselves.

The one who hit us where it hurt was Texas Monthly's Taco Editor, Jose Ralat.

He is entitled to his own opinion but it sure did sting some El Pasoans who love Chico's Tacos.

In my opinion, we know who really rules the taquito throne, the original, the one and only, Chico's Tacos. You can see above how Chico's Tacos made it on the Texas Bucket List years ago.

It has me wondering if El Perrito's taste gives off the taste the rolled tacos had before losing the original cheese.

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