Things have been understandably quiet for As I Lay Dying since the arrest and court drama of the band's frontman Tim Lambesis on murder-for-hire charges. But it looks like the group is about to finally put the events of the past year behind them and move forward.

While the group's website and social media accounts have remained inactive since 2013, each of the band members individually have posted snippets of new music on each of the individual social networking accounts.

What does this mean for the future of As I Lay Dying? That remains to be seen, as so far only the audio and video with no other commentary has been revealed. Plus, with Lambesis recently pleading guilty and a lengthy jail term ahead, it would be expected that the band would find a way to move forward without him. While there is no confirmation on exactly who is handling the vocals for the project, many are suggesting that bassist Josh Gilbert has stepped up to take on the task.

A closer look at the videos also reveal a few more details. In Nick Hipa's video, the background is the recording board and it has a few titles that are being removed one-by-one. They include 'Cauterize,' 'Paralyzed,' 'Anodyne' and 'Defender.' In addition, the Jordan Mancino and Josh Gilbert clips appear to be snippets of the same song, but different parts. In Mancino's video, we also get one of the clearest shots of a musician in their element as the drummer is clearly laying down his part in a studio. Sgrosso's also shows him laying down some guitar, though his face is not as clearly visible as Mancino's.

Check out the postings from Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso, Jordan Mancino and Josh Gilbert below:

Nick Hipa

Phil Sgrosso

Jordan Mancino

Josh Gilbert

It should be noted that since there was no update on As I Lay Dying's pages and these came from the band's individual members, this could signify the beginning of a new group under a different name. Stay tuned to see how it all plays out.

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