The topic of a four-day school week has been around for years and now some school districts are making the change. In fact, over 60 school districts have made or are in the process of making the change. Most of these school districts are located in North Texas.   According to KXAN, the latest school district to do so is Rockdale ISD in an effort to retain teachers and improve student learning.

Currently, Rockdale ISD is on half days for Wednesday but will start the new four-day schedule for the 2023-24 years. The week will be  Monday through Thursday, while Fridays will be a time for teachers to plan future lessons and work on professional development. While this is a great idea, however, this will pose a problem for parents who work on Friday. In this scenario, school districts are working to have Friday programs available  What do you think about a four-day school week? Do you think a four-day school week will lift teacher morale? Do you think it will hinder the children's learning?

In the article, we also learn that  Crosby ISD, in Harris County just outside Houston recently became the largest district in the state to adopt a four-day week. The district, which serves almost 6,500 students, approved the switch in a Feb. 27 school board meeting.  The new four-day school day for this school will also start next school year.


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