A Chupacabra? On El Paso's west side??

A video of the mythical creature surfaced and people were kinda freakin' until the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department shot the whole thing down. Turns out is isn't a Chupacabra ... it's a wacky looking coyote. Check out the video here.

Apparently, Kern Place has had a number of coyote sightings recently and several pets have gone missing in the area. This "meth - head" looking coyote is suffering from what is known as "mange" and was last seen on Cincinnati Street, heading into the arroyo near the El Paso Tennis Club.

El Paso Proud posted that TPDW is advising:

residents in the area to call Texas Parks and Wildlife immediately if you spot this particular coyote and to never approach the animal. If you see this coyote please contact TPDW at (915) 834-7050.

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