Another large retailer inside the Sunland Park Mall on the westside of El Paso has decided to close its doors for good. Another one bites the dust at the Sunland Park Mall and this time it's a clothing store that takes up a pretty big chunk of real estate next to the Dillard's.

The Sunland Park Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the Sun City has been in operation for almost 35 years on the westside of El Paso. Some vendors in the mall have been there for over 20 years, like artist Maximos Ayoub's Art Nova Gallery and Cleopatra Perfumes, but other businesses in the mall have rotated out more frequently. Old Navy opened inside the Sunland Park Mall years ago and became a great retail store to go to for reasonably-priced fashion for the entire family.

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While attending the Academy of Aerial Fitness inside the Sunland Park Mall, I'd find myself stopping in Old Navy at least once a week to see what new items they had and what was on their sales rack. It's also convenient for all the fitness businesses that have opened recently inside the mall, for when you're in a pinch and need to grab something to wear for class. There were times I'd run in to grab a pair of socks or leggings before I went to my next class.

Last week, I saw a sign in the window saying that Old Navy would be closing their Sunland Park Mall location soon. The clothing inside the store was now on sale, and I figured the next time I walked by I'd stop in to see what items would be deeply discounted to clear out the store. But I was shocked yesterday when I walked past the store and saw the windows were covered in brown butcher paper and the store was already closed, exactly one week from when I first saw the store was closing.

The Sunland Park Mall is such a beautiful location and the mall itself is spacious with beautiful details inside. I'm sad to see another store closing and hope that there will be another store coming soon to that spot. The mall now has several locally-owned businesses with unique items as well as new fitness-focused businesses. The food court is also filled with plenty of delicious, locally-owned eateries for you to choose from. While loosing businesses like Old Navy can be disheartening, there is still plenty of heart and life inside the Sunland Park mall for you to enjoy.

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