This (insert expletive here) coronavirus is having a devastating effect on everyday life for everyone. No one is immune, no pun intended, to its effects.

From closings and business interruptions to shortages and more; it's been tough on all of us. One aspect of recent events has really hit the local music community. All bars have been forced to close and restaurants have had to adapt new restrictions.

This means that local bands are pretty much out of business and, it doesn't end there. Your favorite bartender is currently trying to figure out how to pay the rent.  The cook that makes the bomb wings at your preferred watering hole, may not be able to feed his/her own family right now.

Where the hell are you going with this Glenn?? Here is what I'd like to see from the restaurants that are still allowed to operate, albeit in a limited capacity:

  • You may see an increase in business since many of your competitors have closed. If you need extra help, hire their displaced staff.  You all know each other, ask around. To quote TSO, "to know who needs help, you need only just ask". (Old City Bar)
  • Hire a band. Applebees, Chili's, Red Lobster, etc.... Live music isn't your thing but, for a minute, maybe it can be. I know you still have to limit your capacity and observe some new regulations but, those who you can accommodate will enjoy the music. At the least, they'll appreciate your attempt to help others.

I know, crowds aren't cool right now. Jeez, they made a freakin' law about it. But, you can help some people out while going above and beyond for the customers you can  serve. Even though business may be slow, I'd love to see a couple of "extra" bartenders, barbacks, waitresses, etc. I'd really love to see typically "non-musical" establishments bring in a band or a singer. If that happens, even once, I'll know this message was received.

C'mon, you can do it!  We're "El Paso Strong"... remember??

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