One of the best things feelings is seeing something you wouldn't expect to see with your own eyes. Normally I am used to hearing of family or friends seeing the oddest things around El Paso. If you're lucky enough when you're out and about to see something you wouldn't expect to see. I didn't expect to see the things I have captured in the pictures you can see on the list.

In one photo I managed to take was when I was on my way to work on a Sunday morning. I usually take Alabama to get to work since Scenic Drive is closed. At first, when I was really far away I couldn't make out what was on the road. As I approached closer I realized it was a porta-potty just smack dab right in the middle of the road on Alabama and Nashville. Another Kodak moment I had to take that was of a sign at a local bar Gringo Theory on the Eastside. It was a sign that read "Men to the left because women are always right" which directed you to the bathrooms.

WHOA:Gnarly El Paso Sights

Another trippy moment I experienced was when I was working at a remote at a business located in a shopping center. When I was outside under the tent I watched a coffin being pulled around in the open and drive right by me. My FOREVER all-time favorite will be the time I was working on a project with my boss and saw the ice cream truck driving around the Evergreen Cemetery. I can't wait until things get better and we feel comfortable going back out to witness amusing sights some more.

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