According to a new survey by Nielsen Entertainment released by the television network Destination America, 79% of Americans believe in ghosts. If you think people are crazy for believing in ghost, you will think they are insane for choosing Abraham Lincoln over a busty babe to haunt them.

The existence of ghosts is always a huge debate especially amongst the staff here at the studio. Some of the women here will not use the bathroom because there are rumors of ghost activity in there and Scott Ronson says he has seen apparitions. The other half just think we are crazy.

I do believe in ghosts but doubt a celebrity ghost would haunt. If I had a choice, I would probably pick Freddie Mercury because he is amazing and would make killer ghost noises. Lincoln was the first choice for people who participated in this Nielsen survey and Marilyn Monroe came in second. I have no idea why people would choose Lincoln over Marilyn but I think it would be weird to see his top hat creep up at the end of your bed.

With Halloween just around the corner, let's start another ghost debate! This picture was taken by my friend at my old elementary school's auditorium.

He used my phone to take random pictures around the area and as I was going through my phone deleting pictures, this popped up. I really think this is a face of some creepy janitor that was rumored to torture little girls under the stage. Do you think this is a ghost? What celebrity would you want to haunt you? Let me know!