Amanda Peet could be in nothing but Rob Schneider movies for the rest of her life and we’d still love her. We hope that never happens because it would mean there were more Rob Schneider movies on the way and that could prove catastrophic to the world as we know it.

Thankfully, her new NBC sitcom ‘Bent’ is a little bit better than that. Peet returned to the small screen on March 21st as a divorced lawyer who has to deal with a womanizing contractor. Unfortunately for Amanda, the show debuted to the lowest ratings of any sitcom and is probably not long for this world. Maybe putting it up against ‘American Idol’ wasn’t the smartest move?

If we were going to program an Amanda Peet film festival (and who’s to say we won’t someday), the slate of films would run the gamut from ridiculous comedy to cerebral drama, ‘Syriana’ to ‘Igby Goes Down.’ Even in crap like ’2012′ she gives it her all, which is more than we can say for a lot of actors.

Peet has rebounded from adversity before. Her last two TV shows were also cancelled before their time, so this is nothing new. Safe bets are on her going back to the big screen and concentrating on raising her two kids. She’ll be due for another show sometime around 2018.