All That Remains will soon unveil their seventh studio album, The Order of Things. The disc will come out Feb. 24, with the songs "No Knock," "This Probably Won't End Well" and "Tru-Kvlt-Metal" already released. Vocalist Phil Labonte dropped by our studio to talk all about The Order of Things and what fans can expect from the album.

In our exclusive interview, Labonte explains how "No Knock" and "This Probably Won't End Well" represent the full album. The two songs are basically opposites, but Labonte says the album contains dynamics from both tracks.

In addition, Labonte recently offered some harsh criticism on All That Remains' previous album, A War You Cannot Win. In this video, Labonte explains what he meant while comparing the 2012 full-length to The Order of Things.

"Personally, I think that this record is a lot better than the overall record with A War You Cannot Win. I made a comment, 'I think A War You Cannot Win sucks compared to this record.' People kind of took that and ran with it," says Labonte. "I heard some people saying that I said that A War You Cannot Win was a failure, even though it has, literally, two of our biggest ever songs on it. People have said, 'Phil said it sucks because it didn't have enough heavy stuff,' which I never said. It wasn't that it doesn't have enough heavy stuff, it's that the heavy stuff wasn't up to the quality that I was hoping for. I think overall, this record is a better record. I think that the songs are better, I think that the mix is better, I think the production is a little bit better. It sounds a little more polished and that's something we were going for."

Check out our interview with All That Remains' Phil Labonte above and stay tuned for more exclusive clips with Labonte coming soon. The band's new album, The Order of Things, can be pre-ordered at iTunes.

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