We all have our favorite artists and want to get as close as possible during their show, but this Air Force Colonel may have gone too far. Everyone loves having a good time at concerts, especially if it's one of our favorite artists. One Air Force Colonel in Ohio was obviously having a great time at a Boy George concert in Kettering, Ohio. While really feeling the Culture Club tunes, Colonel Mark Eugene Muth started trying to push and shove his way to the front of the crowd. Police say he caused a disturbance by rushing the stage and they had to be called in by venue security. Officers on scene say Col. Muth wasn't ready to give up the fight for the front row and proceeded to ignore police commands and physically defy their orders. Kettering Police Lt. Holly Murchland released a statement regarding the colonel's arrest:

“Muth appeared to be heavily intoxicated. His speech was slurred, his balance was unsteady, and he had an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.”

Colonel Mark Eugene Muth is currently assigned to the command surgeon general’s office at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and they were notified of the incident. The base was contacted for comment on the colonel's arrest and stated they haven't yet announced the discipline Colonel Muth is facing.

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