Adelitas Way fans have been rocking to new single 'Dog on a Leash' for several weeks, and the band is ready to unleash another song before their new album 'Stuck' drops later this month. Here, we offer an exclusive video preview for the band's upcoming song 'Drive.'

The clip above gives listeners a little sample of what the song sounds like, while frontman Rick DeJesus also provides a little bit of commentary on the track. "It's almost like a road trip song," says DeJesus, "You know, when you're behind the wheel, you feel good. I mean it's like an electric current that goes through you when a song is written and you gotta just write what happens and what you're vibing on."

You can look for 'Drive' working its way into the band's set lists as they continue their support of their 'Stuck' album. Their upcoming dates, including a trek with The Pretty Reckless, can be found here.

'Stuck,' which features 'Dog on a Leash,' 'Drive,' 'Different Kind of Animal' and the title track among other standouts, is due in stores July 29. You can currently pre-order the disc here.