Today is a wonderful day for a wonderful food. Rejoice, for it is National Taco Day! 

This is such a richly-deserved day for one of the most humble of foods. Think about it: when was the last time you ever heard the taco taking credit for its greatness? When you have you ever heard a taco speaking about itself in the third person?

The burger may have all the bling, but it can't be anything other than a burger no matter what kind of buns it has.

But the taco takes many shapes and can have an infinite number of ingredients. It can be soft or hard. It can have the clam shell or it can be rolled.

It can be made from high-quality corn tortillas and filled with filet mignon and veggies in a five-star restaurant. It can be rolled up and stuffed with meat, fried into skinny hard shells, stuck in a cardboard boat and slathered with a watered-down tomato sauce and government cheese like at...well, you know.

It is an every-food for every occasion and it is richly deserving of our praises, so we sang it a song.

Three cheers for the taco! Who's up for some Chico's?!

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