There are some people who sometimes play pretend about winning the lottery. If you've never been rich then you know what kind of pretend I am referring to.

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Sometimes driving around certain neighborhoods in El Paso sure have you wishing you could win the lottery. For example, cruising in the Upper Valley or even on Piedmont Dr. has some people wishing to own luxurious homes.

I am definitely one of those people who hope to win the lottery and buy a huge house in the Franklin Mountains. Sometimes driving on Scenic Drive I wonder what one of those gigantic houses looks like on the inside.

You can just imagine what the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or even closets look like. Plus, who wouldn't be curious about what the view is like from atop the Franklin Mountains?

Shoot, I know what the view is like from rock bottom but curious about the view from up top. Luckily, if you're a curious cat like me we have Las Vegas Entrepreneur and investor Chakits Krulsawat 2.0 to thank.

Chakits Krulsawat 2.0's YouTube video gives you an up close and personal tour of a luxurious home in El Paso. So if you've been curious about what type of homes wealthy folks in El Paso buy, just refer to his channel.

But you can see a tour of a beautiful home in Chakits Krulsawat 2.0's YouTube video above features. So if you also like to pretend the way I do, enjoy the tour of the luxurious home above.

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