I went to the movies this past weekend. The last time I was in a theater was in March of 2020 so suffice it to say, I was pretty excited. I went to Alamo Drafthouse, because the theater that loved to go to (The Cinemark Movie Bistro inside Sunland Park Mall)  has unfortunately permanently closed.

I reserved my tickets, and at the time got to see that we would be the only ones in theaters. However, when we got to the theater, there were quite a bit of people; but Alamo Drafthouse does a great job of keeping distance between parties.

Despite wearing a mask until our food got there, it almost felt like old times. I got to see movie trailers, got to eat fresh movie theater popcorn and watch a movie with my family. While the movie wasn't that great, I still enjoyed my time.

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It's starting to look like movies are making a comeback. Studios are starting to release their films and theaters across the country (and the world) are opening up (safely, of course).

I came across a list of the full movie releases for this year and for next year. The release was on the Twitter of Erik Davis, who I will trust as a worthy source because he is a managing editor at Fandango. In the list we see the release to some of the ones that I've anxiously waited for like "Spiral: From the Book of Saw", "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It" and "Free Guy". Check out the entire list (which Davis notes is still subject to change) and mark your calendars!


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