There have been a lot of movies that El Paso, Texas was featured in over the years. The majority of movies produced in El Paso would show certain city sights you recognize as the 915. Then you have some films that filmed mostly in El Paso and other close areas such as Wicked Lake.  Then there are other films that mainly use the 915 for their explosion scenes. El Paso, Texas is known as a desert city and has a lot of desert areas that surround most of the Borderland. I have always visited each desert area in El Paso since my high school days. It was where you could pop some explosive fireworks and bonfires. The students from Coronado and Franklin High School always held bonfires or go offroading at The Wall. The Wall is located on the Westside of town near Artcraft and McNutt.

Another desert area that is familiar with explosives is The Sac on the Eastside of town. There's also Red Sands which seems like the most popular desert area to visit for some El Pasoans. In my opinion, my favorite area to trail and celebrate the 4th of July has always been the Eastside. Either way, El Paso has a few perfect desert areas that should be used more in future films. When you think of movies with explosions in our desert areas Courage Under Fire is one that comes to mind. When things return back to normal I hope our desert areas will be considered for war or action films in the future. If you would also like to see the same thing place your vote in the box below.

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