Ever gotten a gift you didn't want? I have. I specifically remember getting a shirt from a family member one time that was hideous, and after opening it I just kept repeating "It has a hood" as if that somehow made the gift okay. As we were leaving the party, one of the first things my mom said to me was "I'll go ahead and take that back for you Brandon."

And according to a new survey, 86% of us done this. As in, pretending to like a crappy gift. Here are some other stats from that same survey.

  1. 60% of people said that when they pretend to like something, it's usually because they don't want to offend the person who gave it to them. It's not clear what our other reasons are. Maybe we just don't want to create even more holiday drama?
  2. 71% said they have old, unwanted gifts sitting around the house.
  3. Over the years, people estimated that they've gotten an average of $954 worth of bad Christmas gifts they'll never use.
  4. 22% of us have hated a gift so much, we immediately admitted we didn't like it.
  5. 11% of parents said their kids have thrown a tantrum because they got a gift they didn't like.  And 15% said their child has preferred the box something came in to the actual gift they got.
  6. Also, if someone opens a present and says, "Wow, thanks so much," there's a good chance they DON'T really like it.  But if they say something like, "I was planning to buy this" or "I've been saving up for one of these," they probably DO like it.