Every summer, like a stopwatch, parents across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona often wonder, "How can I distract my brats, so they don't bug me and stay out of my hair?"

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And sometimes the regular ol' activities like soccer or swimming just aren't as entertaining or engaging anymore.

So, let's explore some lesser-known, but still fun options that go beyond regular soccer and ballet classes.

1. Archery Tag

A blend of dodgeball and archery using bows and foam-tipped arrows. It provides a safe and enjoyable platform for kids to learn archery while imitating their archer heroes, like Jeremy Renner.

2. Quidditch

Real-life Quidditch, though broomless, is now a thing! It's an excellent team game that promotes strategic planning and physical activity. And, finally gets your kids to stop reading and leave the basement.

3. Pickleball

A fusion of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, Pickleball suits children of various ages and abilities due to its moderate pace. And, old people.

4. Bossaball

Imagine playing volleyball on an inflatable court, with added gymnastics and martial arts. Think of Steven Segal. Bossaball enhances balance, coordination, and flexibility in a fun and active way.

5. Parkour

Ideal for adventurous kids, parkour offers a way to overcome physical and mental challenges, fostering physical health and creative problem-solving skills.

6. Underwater Hockey

Swap ice skates for a snorkel, and dive into underwater hockey. It's an effective way to strengthen swimming skills and endurance, all while enjoying a team sport.

7. Sepak Takraw

A sport from Southeast Asia, often termed "kick volleyball," offers a game that improves agility, flexibility, and coordination. Plus, it's fun to say

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These seven, let's say "unconventional," sports can make your children's summer just a little less dull and parents a little less exhausted.

The goal isn't to produce the next sports prodigy but to foster a love for moving around, teamwork, and skill-building.

Who knows? Your child might be the next Harry Potter in the seeker position.

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