My family still keeps up with our Christmas routine which incorporates 5 particular things. I am a huge fan of Christmas and all of these things remind me of the holiday. My family continues to still incorporate these things as we celebrate Christmas. These are the things that I won't get tired of doing every year for Christmas. I know you celebrate Christmas in your own way but positive we share one of my ways in common. The days leading to Christmas can be quite stressful making sure plans go as planned. Something my family doesn't ever forget to buy and even wait in a long line for are tamales. You, your relatives, and even friends can relate to one of these or all of them from below. It is hard to picture Christmas without one of the items I listed below. Pick the choice that you and your family can relate to on Christmas!

  • Joanna Barba


    Tamales are what make Christmas morning bearable! So yes my family and I will go out to a certain location and freeze our tush while we stand in line. My family enjoys eating tamales for breakfast and throwing an egg over easy with some chili beans on top.

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    Pickle Ornament

    I remember as a kid I took this mission very seriously. Whoever found the pickle ornament that was hiding in the tree won a gift. When you're not as tall as a child it can lower your chances. I won sometimes but now my son is the one who ALWAYS wins.

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    Midnight Mass

    We always make sure to take part in midnight mass. This is something my family has done for forever now. It surprises me how many people prefer to go to midnight mass instead of during the day. But usually going at midnight lets you enjoy the rest of Christmas Day to do as you please.

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    Watching Christmas Movies

    There are couple Christmas movies that are a must watch on Christmas. I have three movies that I enjoy watching on Christmas. The first movie which I know you also enjoy is Christmas Vacation. That movie will have you laughing non-stop from beginning to end. Then White Christmas is followed right after that features Bing Crosby. Then the final movie that I love seeing is A Charlie Brown Christmas.