I did a blog earlier about a US City being ranked as the coldest place on Earth and that got me thinking about how good we have it here.

I like snow and ice and winter sports as much as the next guy but, 'ya gotta admit, winter in the desert is pretty cool.  (Not cold, just cool. Get it??  See what I did there??)  Here are my top 5 reasons why:

  • 5) Travel Issues: Except for the occasional Trans Mountain closure, we're usually free to move about the city.
  • 4) Snow Shoveling: We don't do it. (Come Spring though, we are going to need sand shovels...)
  • 3) Money: We save loads of it on heating costs and other, winter related, purchases compared to other places.
  • 2) Outdoor Activities: Motorcycle rides, golf, fishing, 4 wheeling, hiking, motocross, mountain biking, etc are pretty much always doable.
  • 1) Clothing: The girls aren't buried underneath layers of clothes. Here in El Chuco, they're still wearing short dresses and shorts on some days!

These mild conditions suck for those who love winter though. For you guys, we have some real winter weather and activities stored 2 hours north of here in Ruidoso and Cloudcroft!

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