I went to see it on opening night, which is something I used to avoid until I had children. Yeah, the kids wanted to see it but, truthfully, I was kind of hoping they would.

Here are my 5 observations I made while watching Batman v. Superman or, as it would have been more aptly titled, Superman v. Kryptonite.

1.) Metropolis and Gotham City are actually more like suburbs of each other.

There's a scene where Lex Luthor is standing on top of his building and he can see the bat-signal across the river. I always imagined Metropolis and Gotham of being like New York and Chicago. Apparently, they're more like New York and Newark. Or Midland and Odessa.

2.) Wonder Woman is way more powerful than I remember.

My impression of Wonder Woman comes from two sources, both from the 1970s. One was the Wonder Woman television series with Linda Carter. The other was Super Friends on Saturday morning cartoons. In both of those, her ass-kicking was limited in it's scope. Oh, she would definitely kick some ass. Just not all of it as she does in this movie.

3.) Batman and Superman's Moms are both named Martha.

Did Batman's mom even have a name? Was it Martha? Apparently it was. Good thing for Superman, because if his mom had been named Linda or Alice, Batman would've straight up murdered him.

4.) Batman straight up murders fools

I like this Batman. He's a pure psychopath. It makes sense. Why would a man so intent on fighting crime be willing to spend his fortune, master multiple martial disciplines and dress in a rubber suit and not be willing to kill the bad guys? It only makes sense that Batman would be a remorseless killer. Let's see THAT stand alone movie!

5.) Superman doesn't work out

This dawned on me during the scene where Bruce Wayne is working out. Batman has to do grueling, intense exercise to maintain his edge. You thing Superman has ever worked out that hard? Of course not! How could he? What would Superman have to lift to get anything close to that kind of work-out?

Actually, I'd like to see a Superman movie that explores this conundrum. Superman still has all his powers and he's still the strongest thing in the universe. But he's flabby and out of shape because there's nothing he can lift that would make him break a sweat. Now, there's a Superman I can relate to.

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