Today is the day, "Mortal Kombat" is officially out in theaters and on HBO Max! Cue the "Mortal Kombat" theme song!

I LOVE "Mortal Kombat"! Some of my best memories are when I was little and I'd be playing "Mortal Kombat II" on my Sega Genesis. Although, looking back at it, I should not have been playing that game, it is hella graphic! I mean, the graphics back then weren't as advanced as today, but dang, it was still pretty bloody.

While the new movie isn't getting the best reviews, I'm still looking forward to watching it! I barely remember watching the two original movies from the '90's, so to me, this is a major event. The movie's synopsis is as follows:

"A group of fighters participate in a multi-dimensional death battle called Mortal Kombat. The combatants include a military veteran with robot arms, an Australian with a laser eye, monks who throw fireballs and razor-sharp hats and two ninjas who can control fire and ice but not their centuries-long grudge against each other."

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Of course, we as Mortal Kombat fans know these characters to be  Jax, Kano, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Scorpion and Sub-Zero! Also appearing in the movie are Sonya Blade, Raiden and Mileena (my favorite!).

In honor of the release of this new rendition of my favorite game, here are five fatalities I hope to see in the movie!

Let's start with my favorite character- Mileena and her "tasty treat" fatality!

Sonya's "Kiss of Death" fatality!

Kung Lao's Body Slice!

Scorpion's Spear Slice!

Sub-Zero's "Have an Ice Day!" 

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