Let's hope El Paso doesn't get too crazy at the free Pantera tribute show at Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue. But then again who can control themselves when they're rocking out to Pantera jams? If you like going hard when it comes to your music preference then you will enjoy this concert announcement.

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If you love Pantera, then you will also love 333 which is a Pantera tribute band here in El Paso, Texas. Well, good news, you can rock out this weekend at Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue with 333. The Pantera tribute band 333 will be performing Saturday, July 24, at the Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue.

via Matteo Martinez Facebook
via Matteo Martinez Facebook

Sometimes you're used to paying some kind of entrance fee but not this time. The tribute band 333 will be playing a free show for you to enjoy and mosh away if you must. I had the privilege of talking to Matteo Martinez who does the vocals for 333 along with Hector Camarena who also plays the guitar. Then you have David Moran on bass and Jay Arriage on drums. The Pantera tribute band sure got clever when it came to picking their name for the band.

Matteo Martinez was telling me Dime would always say he was half evil NOT full on so half of 666 would equal 333. So, the guys of 333 had changed the name in tribute to Vinnie and Dime when they passed away. Also, here is a gnarly fact about 333, they're the only Pantera tribute band that had actual members jam with them on stage.

That ain't all either, Matteo Martinez of 333 also mentioned they got a full endorsement by Pantera camp and the Estate of Dime and Vinnie. Even Jose Mangin from Liquid Metal said 333 were as close as the real deal when it comes to covering Pantera songs. You can ask Matteo Martinez yourself when you see him and the rest of the guys of 333 for free this Saturday, July 24 at the Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue. I've shared a YouTube video of 333 performing at the Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue down below.

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